4 weeks in review

Kelsey McNamara
4 min readAug 2, 2022


I’ve learned a handful of lessons since arriving at Sanskriti in Scionizer, Haute Savoie, France. I wanted to hone in on top lessons and share them here.

Cold dips in the river wash away the suffering inside me and awaken a sense of aliveness. I’ve been going in every day, staying in longer than I thought I could, pushing my limits and strength. The only way to go is full send into the cold. I’m fully embracing the Wim Hof mindset, and I’m currently listening to his book The Wim Hof Method, too. I have a strong desire to go into the wild and face nature, also to use the power of the mind to change the body, just as he does. Each time I get into the cold, I remind myself of my power, and now I crave the cold. Basically, the cold will set your inner caveman/woman free, plus it's crazy good for your health.

Setting boundaries, making a schedule, and asking for what I need and want are essential here. Going with the flow isn’t always the flow I want, and I’m in control of declaring my desires and setting new expectations when things change.

Photo by Nima Sarram on Unsplash

Getting lost in nature is liberating. Do this more often.

Feelings of homesickness and loneliness are starting to kick in. I miss you, friends & family. I am extremely grateful for everyone I’ve met in this life.

But, I am never alone as I walk the path with God. This past week I’ve cried to Mother Earth about painful feelings that have resurfaced about my family. She listens, nurtures, and supports me. She tends to my wounds and worries. God comes down with synchronicities and miracles that are unforgettable. I am walking a path that is predetermined and higher than my preferences. I trust, listen, look, and ask for what I need from God. Thank you, God.

I’m becoming more comfortable in my singing voice, and feel good about leading kirtan and learning the harmonium.

Kirtan is a devotional style of yoga typically led through a call-and-response style song or chant, set to music, wherein multiple singers recite or describe a legend, or express loving devotion to a deity, or discuss spiritual ideas. The harmonium is a hand-pumped instrument operated by one hand compressing bellows in the back while the other plays a keyboard in the front.

Kirtan brings the community together, invokes prayer and song, and opens the heart to new levels of loving connection. We will continue to host more here and I’m learning new mantras and chords for future practices. This is a practice I will continue to learn more about here and in India, as the mantra chanting originated there.

Follow the intuition, the Fuck yes energy.

Language doesn’t always have to be such a barrier to connection. Sometimes the simplest words go the distance.

Though, I have learned more French and I’m getting better when talking with others.

Things I’m adding into my life this month:

  • More spontaneous solo adventures
  • Calming down the ego, as it has been raging and I’m struggling to let go. I’d love help or advice on this one.
  • Creating a podcast — this feels just right, and something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. The time is NOW!

I love you and thanks for reading this. You have changed my life.

Until next time,

Kelsey ❤



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