A love letter to India

Kelsey McNamara
May 28, 2023


Dearest India,

I miss your warm people,

those affectionate smiles…

I miss the strange stares,

and giggles when I gawk back.

I miss your head nods,

and it’s uncomplicated language.

I miss your warm chai,

and street men who made them.

I miss your philosophy,

and the teachings of interconnectedness.

I miss your chaos,

and the smallness I felt in it.

I miss your kichadi,

and the bhaiya’s who cooked it.

I miss your curiosity

and the deep questions you make me ask.

I miss your diverse landscapes,

and the animals that inhabited them.

I miss your colors,

and the vibrant mask over pollution,

I miss your welcome,

and how you nurtured me so,

I miss your generosity,

and the spirit of abundance.

But most of all,

I miss your love.

~ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ~



Kelsey McNamara

Curious and adventurous spirit who is keen to share creative thoughts and real experiences. I encourage intuition, mindfulness, and connectedness in my writing.