A Message from my Inner Sage

Kelsey McNamara
2 min readApr 5, 2022

My inner sage I know you,

My inner sage I see you,

My inner sage I hear you.

May you be loud today,

May you be expressive today,

May you shine today.

Over the past month, this voice has been in the shadows. Too afraid to come out and express due to the fear I created in my heart.

The voice of the dark inner critic has been screaming inside of me — believing the fearful statements like “I don’t know what to do.” “Who am I?” “What do I believe in and why?” “What am I doing next?” “What am I meant to do?”

When the voice of the imposter arises, I breathe.

I breathe deeply into this intensity, and notice where this belief is stored in my body.

Then, I BREATHE. Deeper and deeper and as deep as I can go — and I create more space.

I’ve arrived. To the eternal now.

I close my eyes, and a phoenix eye is staring deep into my soul. The inner sage begins chanting: “I know” “I know myself” “I know what I want” “I know what I feel and desire” “I create” “I trust God”

My inner sage says: “I love you, inner critic” “You are gifted, unique, and generous” “You are loved” “Thank you for keeping me safe, but I choose a path with God, and I trust this path”

This practice has been life-changing in quieting my inner critic, and I am thankful for the encouragement to practice this from coaches, mentors, and friends.

“Though the destination is not yet clear, I trust the promise of this opening” — John O’ Donohue writes in his poem For A New Beginning.

I trust where I am at NOW on my journey. I attract incredible opportunities into my life. I pray from a place of power, not hopelessness. I am not alone, I am so supported.

And you are too.



Kelsey McNamara

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