Holy Confusion

Kelsey McNamara
1 min readApr 17, 2023


A short prayer and poem on confusion…

Overwhelmed and confused,
Jesus, I trust in you.

When feeling doubt,
I’ll come about,

Through your faith
and guidance alone.

I’ve had struggles to get by,
I’m not even getting high.

Confusion is an illusion,
The answers lie inside,

Emotions are the guide.

Coming and going,
The “I” stays flowing,

The real “I” is inside.

The non-changing, ever-steady guide,
The Self beyond the material world.

What a truth to behold.

You and “I” are one,
Though we may not both experience the run.

Feeling frustrated but close to the answer,
In life, I am the dancer.

Swimming in the Cosmic Sea,
Oh God, it’s just you and me.

So I surrender, shut it all out,
Clear the doubts with trust, boldness, and courage.

The setting sun, and,
The rising moon.

Oh God, you make me swoon.

God, help me to see clearer,
So I can be the mirror.

Let me let go,
And have you run the show.

You are mine and I’m yours,
Open the doors,

and walk with me through,

so I can serve you.

Amen and Namaste.



Kelsey McNamara

Curious and adventurous spirit who is keen to share creative thoughts and real experiences. I encourage intuition, mindfulness, and connectedness in my writing.